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Innovation Lab & Experiments

The MoFS community comprises some of the brightest and creative minds in technology, sports and education from around the globe who all share a similar passion - to innovate a better tomorrow by celebrating the power of play today. For decades, members of the MoFS team have been at the forefront of many advancements in sports, robotics, social media and mixed reality, helping to promote emerging communities and pioneering new industries.

Future Sports Arena Concept

The Museum of Future Sports arena concept is a fully immersive and interactive destination for technology, entertainment, sports & culture- purpose-built for education, entertainment and arena competitions in esports, drones and robot combat games where guests are transported into a completely immersive vision of the future of sports and entertainment. 

TEDxHollywood: From ICU to Drone Racing Superman

MoFS founder Marque Cornblatt introduces drone racing FPV (first person view) technology - and it's remarkable impact on mental health and brain chemistry - to a rapt audience of Los Angeles entertainment industry professionals at TEDxHollywood 2016.

Mixed-Reality Beat Saber Selfie Booth

MoFS has developed one of the world's only mixed-reality selfie booths for sharing VR games and adventures. The system is portable, easy to operate and perfect for trade shows, arcades, and public events. Eery player is automatically emailed a short video clip optimized for social media sharing. Thanks to Beat Games, LIV, Maker Faire and Aerial Sports League.

Mixed Reality Drone Tracking

Leveraging both commercially available tech, as well as proprietary code, an HTC Vive tracker is mounted on a drone in real life. As the drone flies, it is represented in a VR simulation in real-time. The pilot is wearing VR goggles and only sees the simulated drone via the VR goggles. The simulated drone mimics the movements of the physical drone perfectly, allowing the pilot to fly it without difficulty, as if watching the actual drone without goggles

Mixed-Reality FPV RC Raceway

FPV meets RC trucks in the MoFS Mixed Reality Raceway at Maker Faire Bay Area 2019, featuring modded RC trucks and sim racing-style cockpits, the game allows drivers of all ages to experience the thrill of the racing cockpit.

DIY Telepresence Robotics

Since 1994 Sparky has evolved into a fully web-enabled telepresence robot. There have been many versions over the years using a range of technologies and solutions, but always with the same goal -- to provide a mobile video-chat platform. This version, utilizes an iPad 2, an iRobot Create, Apple Facetime and the Sparky Control App.  It can be operated from anywhere in the world.

Hands-Free Head-Tracking FPV Drone Controller

The goal was fly drones without using hands and to develop a new paradigm of HMI Technology (Human Machine Interface). Instead of using a traditional hand-held controller, all motion-controls are mapped to a head-tracking module in the video goggles. Only the throttle is still operated using the radio controller, thus allowing the pilot compete control without the use of hands.

Indestructible Drone Airframe

The airframe design that survived the impossible and launched the drone sports revolution - conceived, designed and launched to change the way people use and fly drones.  After destroying all other drones in minutes, this airframe was developed to solve challenges facing aerial industry, sports and hobby pilots.

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