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What is Museum of Future Sports?

Museum of Future Sports (MoFS) locations are unique-in-class venues combining family entertainment, professional tech sports arenas, education and technology-based events under one roof and serving the entire Future Sports community. MoFS locations feature mixed-reality interactive games, drone racing, robot combat, virtual reality games, STEAM education classrooms, sport/tech innovation labs and social spaces.

Family Entertainment • Esports • Events


The esports market is expected to reach $5B by 2024. With competitions offering multi-million dollar prize purses and universities launching esports scholarships, there is increasing demand for local, regional and international tournaments and events at every skill level. MoFS 1000-seat esports main stage features daily competitions for local gamers & professional events and will draw fans throughout the region through sponsored leagues and tournaments.

Loud and thrilling for audiences, robot games are a favorite on TV, online and live events. What started as an underground fight club for engineers is now firmly established as a global competitive sport and the foundation of countless STEAM education programs. An exercise in brain AND brawn, robot games offer a level playing field to all competitors around the globe.

Drones represent the fastest of all future sports. With speeds over 100 mph and a unique out-of-body experience, it’s easy to understand how FPV drone racing became a global phenomenon with million dollar prizes in just a few short years. Drone combat games have massive education appeal. With many of the world’s best pro pilots still in their teens, drone sports are irresistible as a source of friendly competition, but also as the gateway to a passion for engineering and science.

Museum of Future Sports is a family entertainment center where tomorrow’s entertainment is discovered.  With an ever-expanding slate of the most cutting-edge experiences, MoFS venues will be a magnet for anyone seeking fun, games, thrills and adventure.  Multiplayer VR puts you and your friends right in a zombie apocalypse or on the bridge of a spaceship fighting against aliens. Racing fans can enjoy simulators, providing a life-like thrill of driving F1 or NASCAR’s greatest circuits. New games and experiences from leading VR developers means MoFS always
offers something new to play..


Museum of Future Sports offers unique STEAM classes and after-school educational programs based on the power of play. These popular programs are designed to prepare kids with the skills and tech-literacy needed for tomorrow’s workplace. Topics include drone building and piloting, hands-on coding and game-making, robotics and team-building.


Museum of Future Sports venues feature arcades highlighting cutting-edge, family-friendly future sports - - video games, virtual reality, radio-controlled racing, robot combat and more.  MoFS venues are a nexus for multiple communities and offer a unique venue for corporate events and conferences, social occasions and parties.


Museum of Future Sports is pioneering a new kind of sports training facility dedicated to the unique needs of aspiring pro gamers. MoFS esports dojo offers cutting edge training in a state-of-the-art facility with personalized programs led by pro gamers and industry pros. Summer camp, after-school programs and year-round leagues offer students of every age and skill a chance to train at a professional level

Community Partnerships

MoFS partners with local San Francisco Bay Area schools, CBO’s and educational programs
to create, promote and share STEAM education opportunities and Future Sports culture.
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Future Sports Manifesto
Marque Cornblatt, 
MoFS Chief Creative Officer

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